Admissions Policy

As A Private School:

Denver Christian Academy focuses on the spiritual, social, and physical development of each student. Because of this, we make sure emotional and cognitive development aligns with character, intellectual ability, and emotional maturity. At DCA we make every effort to nurture these areas because we know they are essential premises for each student as they explore, learn and prepare for their future. Based upon this, the Administrative Team will carefully evaluate each potential student on the basis of previous academic records, recommendations and student/parent visitation.

Parents Who Enroll Their Children:

Parents who enroll their children at Denver Christian Academy desire an exceptional education taught from a biblical worldview in a solid Christian environment. The process of enrollment prior to final acceptance includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Submission of enrollment package along with other pertinent paperwork and appropriate fees
  • Transcripts of previous academic records and at times additional testing on a per student basis
  • Parent/student interview with the Headmaster of School and Administrative Team
  • Administrative Team agreement based on the above and confirmation in prayer

Students are accepted on a space available basis in the following order:

  • Eligible current students, relatives of staff, and team members
  • Eligible students on a first-come, first served basis
  • Eligible students selected from a waiting pool based on a capacity to succeed academically and socially at DCA

A waiting pool will be started once a grade level has reached its maximum enrollment. If the waiting pool exceeds the minimum number of eligible students prescribed by the Administrative Team, the Headmaster of School may, after consulting with the Administrative Team, authorize the establishment of a second class for that grade level as classroom space is available.

To ensure a successful learning environment for all students, it is essential that all students and parents accept, support and follow the standards and policies of DCA. Admission may be denied by the Headmaster of School if it is determined that the student will unlikely be able to adapt to the standards and policies, or that the school is unable to service the needs of the student.


Spiritual Considerations

  • Willingness of parents and student to understand DCA’s position on Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior and King.
  • Parents and student are willfully supportive of DCA’s biblical philosophy of education.
  • Willingness of parents and student to support the administration and faculty in carrying out the goals and programs of the school that align with God’s word as revealed in scripture.

Behavioral Considerations

  • History of acceptable citizenship in previous school experience.
  • Parents and student are willfully supportive of DCA’s biblical philosophy of education.
  • Agreement of parents and student to abide by the behavior standards established by the school.

Academic Considerations

  • Documented record of acceptable grades in previous school experience.
  • Acceptable scores on achievement tests.

Personal Considerations

  • Student’s special interests, talents, and skills.
  • DCA makes no distinction in its admission policy on the basis of race, birth gender, color, or national and ethnic origin.

Minimum Eilgibility Requirements

The following are expectations of all Denver Christian Academy students:

  • has established a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and, if not, has the desire to explore the possibility of Jesus Christ becoming their personal Lord and Savior
  • willfully wants to attend Denver Christian Academy
  • is willing to be internally motivated to be his or her best at all times
  • possesses and/or is learning how to possess a loving and accepting attitude toward others
  • displays a sense of self-discipline and willfully accepts responsibility
  • desires and displays to only identify with his or her given birth gender
  • desires self-improvement and believes honesty is an important value
  • desires to serve others through actions, attitudes and words in a respectful manner
  • is willing to accept and adhere to all of DCA’s adopted guidelines and principles set forth in the code of conduct, expectations and doctrinal statement
  • willfully chooses a cheerful spirit and attitude that communicates a desire to comply with DCA’s values and statement of purpose
  • desires not only to receive from the school but is willing to benefit the school by participating in various school activities

Provisional Enrollment:

All students, whether new or re-enrolling, remain on provisional status for one full semester. If during this provisional period it is determined by the Headmaster of School that the student, for whatever reason, has not been able to adapt to DCA’s environment, the enrollment may be terminated. The new student provisional period may be extended for another semester by the Headmaster of School at the recommendation of the Administrative Team. Students (new or current) failing any class may be placed on Academic Probation or asked to leave Denver Christian Academy.

Re-Enrollment of Provisional Enrollment:

  • A provisional student’s record is reviewed each semester prior to re-enrollment.
  • Acceptance into any grade does not mean automatic acceptance into the next grade.
  • No student is permitted to re-enroll until any and all outstanding debt to DCA is paid in full or special payment arrangements have been approved by the Administrative Team.
  • If re-enrollment does not occur by the re-established deadline, it will be assumed that provisional student has chosen not to return.

Disciplinary Review:

Suspension or expulsion from another school in the previous last two semesters from the date of application may prevent a potential student from acceptance to DCA. Individual circumstances may be considered by the Administrative Team. After review, the Administrative Team may deem the potential student acceptance on permanent Behavioral Probation. A student that is not accepted may reapply when he or she can demonstrate adequate behavioral improvement that aligns with DCA’s code of conduct.