Kindergarten Readiness Program

Age requirement: Child must have turned 4 on or before Sept 1st of 2016

“Four” is a very busy time for young children who are developing and anxiously awaiting kindergarten. This is the perfect time for your child to begin our K4 program! Developed and perfected by Bob Jones University, our curriculum offers a plethora of topics and concepts to enrich your child

We begin our K4 journey by solidifying who God is and incorporating Bible truths into daily lessons and activities. Your little ones will become immersed in learning that is fun

  • Prereading, Premath, Handwriting, Science, and Social Studie

Let’s create! In addition to academics, our program will also offer many activities in the Arts. Creative expression through art activities, singing and listening, and moving and playing, are a sample of offerings in our program.

Try our K4 program! It may be just what your child needs to launch their school experience