Our Values

(DCA Spiritual Life embraces these core values)

Every Monday and Thursday at 1:05 p.m. all students come together during Chapel time to celebrate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. All are welcomed.

1. God

Is Absolute Truth which is communicated through the Bible. From within the Bible, God teaches the believer meaningful life lessons which are able to make one wise. The result is mature individuals who make informed decisions about life and reality.

2. Family

God in His wisdom designed the ideal family unit to be a marriage between one man and one woman. From this establishment children are born resulting in a place where love, respect, and character are instilled.

3. Education

At DCA we promote the love of learning and provide an atmosphere that is safe and nurturing yet challenging. As a result, young minds learn how to investigate information and process it out in a healthy and logical manner.

4. Character

In a culture where broken promises are common place, we at DCA assist all students in understanding how character is developed and maintained. As a result, students are taught how to develop long lasting relationships built upon honesty and trust, the foundation for true character.

5. Community

Because God designed the above to be shared, we as educators teach students to touch the world in which they live. Therefore all students are required to participate in assisting the local community through various events and activities.